You Need A High Quality Email Template To Attract Students To Your Training Courses

High Quality Email Template


The competition is intense in the training provider industry and there is a lot of choice for people looking for courses which will help with their learning and development.

As a training business, not standing out from the competition could mean being overlooked by the increasing number that are now discerning enough to go online in search for the right course for them.

I’m interested in ensuring that you send out the right message to those online prospects and that they make enquiries about your course catalogue.

Using a high quality email template is the perfect way to prospects to not only know who you are and have a strong brand but also signals your authority and that you can be trusted to deliver a quality service.

Not emailing prospects and clients? Then you are missing out on a powerful opportunity to develop engaging and nurturing relationships

“Email beats Social by 40x for customer acquisition”

In other words, for every single , e.g., Facebook user that enrols, 40 email users will have booked your course.

Impressive, huh??

Another impressive stat:

“There will be more than 3.8 billion users of email before the start of 2019”

Nowadays, your prospects expect a personalised experience when engaging with you via email.

They are receiving a lot of emails in their inbox so want to make sure that what they receive is highly relevant to them and their needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Email templates are versatile
  • Email templates are cost effective
  • Email templates are efficient

Email templates are versatile

Your prospects will engage with you using a range of devices.

The good thing about email templates is that they can be created to work on smartphones to desktops and everything in between.

The user experience is not spoiled by hard to read text or inaccessible buttons.

A bonus for businesses serious about getting more enrolments whatever the circumstance of a prospect.

Email templates are cost effective

Even without a big budget, it is possible to make your emails look effective through email templates.

For every £1 spent, email generates an average £30 in ROI and email templates contribute towards that healthy return for any business.

Below is an example of such a template:

High Quality Email Template

Email templates are efficient

No one wants to reinvent the wheel. This is a sure way to efficiencies.

The good thing about email templates is that it allows you to use the same ‘wheel’ time and time again. A great time and money saver!

But isn’t sending emails considered spam and annoying ..

Not if it is used to add value and to fix problems that are bugging your prospects and customers.

By giving value, they will look forward to your emails and not consider them as annoying at all!

Some businesses just send constant sales pitches in their emails and nothing that benefits subscribers. These subscribers will eventually unsubscribe. You don’t want to be in this position.

With a regular campaign using good valuable content sent to your subscribers, this is less likely to happen.

So how do I build an email template?

It’s easy and quick - You don’t need any coding or designer skills just your logo.

There are many tools you can use with a gallery of templates to fit a range of requirements.

Wrap up

So there you go!

The truth is email templates are a powerful and classic way of increasing your engagement.

Better engagement means increase in conversion (or more enrolments!).

By being cost effective, versatile and effective, email templates are a win-win for your email campaigns.

Not sure where to start?

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