Why Automation is Vital for Successful Training and Course Providers

Whether you are a sole owner of a training business or a larger multi-staff enterprise, spare time and resources needed to market your courses and services are likely to be at a premium.

Your focus is likely to be on avoiding the manual and repetitive marketing tasks you probably think are required to promote your courses.

The problem is that these tasks are not automated and can take up most of your time from what really matters to you and your business, preparing course material and teaching your learners.

Let’s look at an example.

Say you are a training provider planning to release and sell a set of new online courses via your website in 4 weeks time.

You are looking to generate interest in the new online courses, but as the deadline draws near, you have neither the time nor the resources to find the contacts and leads who are most likely to be interested.

Even for those that have enough time and resources, very manual processes are in operation where a single person is relied on to build and manage relationships through to sales conversions.

It’s easy to see where problems can happen, especially during a busy period .

Using someone such as a Marketing Automation Consultant could take a huge weight of your mind and help you deliver a process and system that works. 

Let's look at how marketing automation can improve the process:

email marketing automation for trainers

Keeping In Touch via Automation

Setup of automations involves the use of workflows, emails and content that engages your contacts and ensures that your online courses are marketed properly and remain front of their minds.

The beauty of marketing automation is that they can be automatically scheduled for the relevant course, for the right learner and at the right time.

No more risks of a single point of failure!

All you need is the right expertise, tool and the know how to setup automations properly (use a automation Consultant or Specialist if not confident enough to do it yourself).


Using automation to connect your courses to the right learners

So, you start to use automation to drum up interest in your online courses, but how do you know who is likely to book which course?

Through interest based automation

If a learner shows an interest in your website blog content on first aid, you may want to send them information about your online first aid courses.

You would use marketing automation tools to ‘tag’ (or segment) a contact who has frequently visited that blog and others of that nature to help keep first aid online courses on their radar and keep them engaged with useful emails and content.

Through segmenting your contacts by interest, you can focus attention on using automation to build rapport and improve your chances of getting those course bookings by only exposing them to content that they are interested in.


So how do you automate?

No training provider can be successful marketing their courses without a tool to drive growth.

That why email automation marketing tools such Active Campaign, MailChimp and Aweber are so useful.

I’ve used ActiveCampaign to engage and build report with my contacts and leads and I believe that it can help to reach and surpass your goals.

Also, it can benefit you in the long run if you take on a Consultant or Specialist who can help set you on your way. 

Let me show you how it can work for your business as well with a no obligation free demo!

Iyabo Agiri - Greenwich SEO

Iyabo helps generate leads and bookings from email campaigns, to increase value for training professionals in the UK and beyond. 

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