Email Marketing Strategy That Gets Learners To Respond To Your Course Launch Emails


I'm going to show you how an effective Email Marketing Strategy is the ideal approach to bringing in more enquiries and increasing enrolments on upcoming courses, especially before your course go live date.

There is nothing worse than spending all your time, effort and money on a new course only to find that there is zero interest on course launch date. You may have made some calls to previous students or sent out flyers in the post but had little to no enrolments as a result.

So what do you do?

You need to find a way of ensuring that your ‘target customer’ always has your courses at the top of their mind and know and trust that you can deliver to meet their requirements.

An Email Marketing Strategy is an effective way of knowing about and reaching out to those learners most likely to enrol before your confirmed course launch date.

By planning how to use email to promote a course, you are not only getting to know more about and engage with your typical student but also using tools that help manage your campaigns and give a great boost to your enrolment rates.


the right email marketing strategy for trainers

The statistics say it all about the benefits to be gained in using an effective Email campaign to promote your courses and services:

"86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily." (Statista, 2015)

"The most effective online vehicles for external trainers are related to e-mail messages, including messages promoting the general capabilities of the Training group and individual programs and services." (Training Magazine Study, 2018)

Key Takeaways

  • An Email Marketing Strategy is effective at engaging with and attracting your audience's interest prior to a course launch
  • An Email Marketing Strategy helps you to recognise and define your target learner profile, enhancing the chance of enrolments on your course
  • By collecting the right learner data, you can apply personalisation steps which your prospects and customers will appreciate 
  • A marketing automation is important to applying that strategy at scale and saving you costs and time in the long run


An Email Marketing Strategy drives customer engagement

The biggest challenge you may face when launching a new course, is getting rich and relevant data on people who are most likely to enrol.

An Email Marketing Strategy will help with collecting that data through the use of, for example, landing pages.

Even better, you can use that data to segment learners into Groups so that time is not wasted on promoting your course to the wrong people.

For example, your email list of Customers might be segmented into a Group of those located in Liverpool and another located in London. For a new Course about to be launched in Liverpool, you will only use email to engage with the Liverpool Group.  

Click here for tips on creating a high converting landing page.

An Email Marketing Strategy helps define your learner profile

You may wonder why this is an important part of planning the launch of your courses.

Understanding your target learner is key to attracting enquiries from those most likely to enrol on your course before and after launch date.

It is also crucial to the long term growth of your business as acquiring new customers tends to be more costly than retaining current ones.

The better the knowledge of your 'typical learner', the lower the cost to acquire them as customers.

Ongoing consideration of learner profiles also helps to maintain the kind of nurturing relationships that will keep your learners coming back for future course launches.

Collecting the right learner data is key to personalisation

Your learners will appreciate a personalised experience as it makes them feel special and highly thought of.

For example, you are launching a new course on Food Safety for Vegetarian Caterers in 6 weeks time.

An Email Strategy helps you to identify and use a marketing automation tool that segments subscribers in your main email list by Caterer type.

This results in a clear distinction (Group) of Caterers who specialise in Vegetarian food preparation.

Before launch date of a Food Safety For Vegetarian Cooks course , you run a successful email campaign resulting in x3 increase in enrolments from Vegetarian Caterers.

Personalisation has shown to be a benefit to your business growth.


A marketing tool helps automate your marketing strategy

A marketing tool can help convert your strategy or plans into positive results, through automation.

With email marketing, there are far too many tools of varying scope and cost to mention in this article.

Click here to check out an article on examples of automation tools that can make a difference to promoting your courses and services.


email amrketing strategy

Is there a point to an email marketing strategy?

Some businesses ignore strategy and go straight to just broadcasting emails or sending cold emails - the “suck it and see” approach.

While some may see this a time saver, there are risks to this approach.

Those receiving these 'cold emails' may view them as Spam and you may be blocked or sandboxed by email providers.

To avoid this, it is best to apply an important aspect of an email marketing strategy:-  understanding and defining your learner persona.

Without that knowledge, how would you know who to target a new course launch to?

Broadcasting to all will also cost you in wasted time and effort, e.g in chasing people who are not interested and will never enrol on your course.

So the answer is, yes, there is a point to an effective email marketing strategy.

It will help make it easier for your business to engage with interested learners, simply because you have taken the time to plan their journey to your advanatage.

On top of that, you also have the advantage of finding a marketing tool to smooth the course of that learner's journey to enroling.


How do I get started with an email marketing strategy?

Most of your time is probably spent with what matters to you, e.g. actual classroom training of your students.

You might not know where to start with a strategy.

How does it sound having your typical customer journey planned for you and all the messaging required already done to get more enrolments for your courses?

All you need to do is to click here to book a FREE 15 minute call to discuss how I can start you on the road to a successful Email Marketing Strategy that results in  increased engagement with learners and more course bookings.

In Summary

So there you go!

The truth is that you do need an Email Marketing Strategy to be serious about customer engagement and acquisition.

Also, the benefits are twofold:-

Your learners will look forward to the benefits of finding about courses that are perfect for their needs.

You will the ideal Strategy which aligns with a tool that saves you time, effort and cost.

For a busy Trainer, the perfect plan!!


Not sure where to start?
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