Are You A Training Business Looking To Grow? Then You Need To Be Leveraging The Power Of Emails On A Regular Basis


The need for training businesses to scale up and grow has never been more pressing. A wider range of training techniques and learners more discerning about their learning & development choices mean more opportunities for clued up training providers.

In a competitive market where thousands are searching online but not always ready to enquire and purchase, what can you do to get them to come back and take notice of your programs and services?

In this article, I will discuss how you can meet that challenge just through a simple process of automating your engagement with online audiences.

The Problem

The top 3 challenges for Training Professionals in 2018 have been identified as:

  • Lack of resources
  • Increased competition

Not being able to dedicate your time and effort to getting exposure to your programs and courses to interested people is a major lost opportunity for additional revenue and growth.

In a popular industry, increased competition is inevitable but not putting in place steps to keep up (or even surpass) your competition can have a devastating impact on the growth of your business


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What Training Professionals Usually Do

The statistics say it all about the benefits to be gained in using an effective Email campaign to promote your courses and services:

"86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily." (Statista, 2015)

"The most effective online vehicles for external trainers are related to e-mail messages, including messages promoting the general capabilities of the Training group and individual programs and services." (Training Magazine Study, 2018)


Reputation and referrals continue to be important marketing drivers for many training businesses.

What usually happens is a reliance on contacts made at business conferences or traditional word of mouth referrals only.

These are good tactics but if you are looking to scale up, grow and reach thousands of potential online customers , they should not be the only methods you are looking at.

It makes sense to help those potential interested customers looking online for your courses to find you.

Check out THIS article to find out more about how word of mouth can complement growing an email list.

A big myth is looking for new business and maintaining existing customers online is not effective for training businesses.

A Training Magazine study suggests over-wise from a recent survey of Training Professionals:

"96% found promoting their services via email to be effective"

"89% found promoting their services via a business website to be effective"

This compared favourably with other marketing methods such as Business Shows (57%), Brochures (79%) and Flyers (83%)


Could Facing Your Challenges Get Any Worst?

Still not convinced?

Consider the following Scenarios:

Scenario A:

The director of a construction business is happy with the training you have provided for his site managers.

He promises to refer your training company to partners in Australia and Canada during a AGM in a months time.

This could mean a potential fifty additional bookings. The business becomes involved in a take over bid by a competitor and the director is involved in the negotiations.

He no longer prioritises the referral and that opportunity for additional bookings is lost.

Scenario B:

You about to launch a new hotel hospitality course.

Using your new email list and marketing automation, you identify and target 50 people who could be interested in attending this new course.

Emails are sent to the 50 with a link to book the course.

20 actually book and attend the course.

One of the attendees is so pleased with the course that she posts a recommendation on a popular social media group for Hotel businesses.

Within 24 hours you are inundated with enquiries from members of that group.

This results in 20% increase in actual bookings for that month all starting from automating your engagement and using Email as a lever.


Comparing the two scenarios, B can not only bring a decent return but also helps meet the ‘lack of resources’ challenge mentioned earlier.

As the majority of the approach in Scenario B is automated, that issue is practically eliminated in one go.

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The Solution

So, you are probably interested how you can achieve the returns mentioned scenario B?

How B can help you to meet your challenges of a lack of resources and face up to increased competition?

Put simply - you need to be leveraging the power of emails and automation on a regular basis and it is as simple and quick to implement as it appears:

The number of email users worldwide is forecasted to rise to 2.9 billion by 2019

73% of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication.


So what is the solution?

Using Emails Campaigns and Marketing Automation to ensure you keep your services front and centre in the minds of prospects and existing customers.

The best bit?

This can all be done on auto-pilot, 24x7, while you sleep or any other time saving approach you can mention.

For a limited investment you can achieve huge returns:

In the UK, every one pound spent on email marketing has a Return On Investment (or ROI) of 38 pounds; in the US, it's $44

As long as you have an identified goal (e.g. x4 number of leads interested in a new course at pre-launch stage), you can use automation to achieve that goal, using the power of email.

The beauty of automation is that it also allows you to monitor and report on how you are achieving that goal and make adjustments, if needed.

In Summary

So there you go!

The truth is that to scale up and meet the current challenges of a training business, you do need to be serious about automating relationships through email.

Research shows that 58% of training businesses are already investing in email campaigns which are as high as 96% effective.

Next Steps

Not sure where to start?
I have created a quick and easy to follow process ideal for getting learners to know, like and trust your business using email campaigns and marketing automation.

You can access the process HERE (no sign up required).

All you need is the right tool to operate the process (I use ActiveCampaign) .

Interested in a demo?

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