A FREE Feedback Email Template For Training Professionals

Save time and resources getting feedback from your students

The number 1 challenge for most training providers is having enough resources and time to complete tasks such as collating feedback on their courses.

The average training business spends 26 resources hours on course admin per week.

Asking your students for feedback, reviews or referrals using paper forms can be hurried and subject to error.

It can also take up a lot of your time that should be dedicated to planning more courses and helping your students.

To fix this, how about requesting feedback and referrals by sending an automated email campaign instead?

Check out below for my example of a high converting feedback email template, created especially for training professionals and providers.

With the right approach and software, you will be able to schedule and automatically send requests for feedback from students who have completed your courses. 

No more hurriedly filled in paper forms which may be unreadable and therefore useless for helping you to improve your courses.

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