5 Ways To High Email Open Rates For Training Professionals

Why Email Open Rates Are Important

Email is still a major marketing tool when it comes to engaging with your prospects and learners.

Email Open Rate is one of the indicators that indicates your email marketing strategy is heading in the right direction and towards successful Campaigns.

In 2018, the average open rate across all industries is 24.8% so you are doing OK if your average is 25% or over.

However, if lower than 25% you should not be too concerned as if your readers are engaging with your email content (e.g. clicking on a link to one of your courses on sale), that is just as good an indicator of success with your Email Campaigns.

Check out the infographic below that gives you some key tips on what you should be doing to keep your email open rate at 25% or higher. As a bonus, click to get your takeaway and use PDF copy 



Boost Email Open Rates| Infographic

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